Listening To.. #1

OK, so this is my first post on my new blog.
Exciting isn’t it? =D
Anyway, to start out: this ‘feature’ will be filled with me talking about what music I have been listening to this week/period.
So here it goes:

First off I have been listening a lot to Franz Ferdinand’s new album ‘Tonight’ which basically is the old Franz style litterly mixed in with electronic beats and drums. I really am enjoying the album (it already has 500+ scrobbels on my it’s really like there older albums but very nicely produced in to some kind of Dance Rock, which is my favourite genre by far.
Favourite Tracks: Lucid Dreams, Ulysses, No You Girls

Second up is Arctic Monkeys. They have been one of my favourite bands for a long while and now my heart is beating again: There making a new record, which is ‘75%’ done, the first song that came out in a hearable quality  is ‘Crying Lighting’ as first I really thought ‘Just another AM song’ but it has grown on me since: the lyrics keep popping back into my head and there is a really catchy bass riff which is played throughout the whole song. So I really can’t wait for the new record to finally come =)

Franz Ferdinand – Lucid Dreams

Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning


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